Thursday, 3 July 2008


Spent most of yesterday in my normal pursuit of mildly fretting about a variety of topics, but in between that, I edited three stories I've had sitting on my hard drive for a few weeks or so. They weren't doing anything just mouldering there, so it was time to give them their final spruce up before sending them off to editors.

As usual, I'd convinced myself they were pretty ropey. I always do that. Despite the fact that I've been published for a fair few years now, I'm always convinced that most of that was by mistake, and I have no real talent. I think a lot of writers feel that way though, so I'm used to that. However, short stories require a special knack, and even though I used to write loads and loads of them, I've found them harder to do in recent years.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised by all three of these shorts. They weren't too bad! It was like reading something written by somebody else. The readability of them didn't seem to connect in any way with the uphill struggle of writing them. Weird, that...

Sent them to my CP, and she really liked the first one, a frisky little yarn on the theme of 'liaisons', so that should be on its merry way to the editor some time today... and then it's fingers crossed for acceptance. I've got another with the same ed. at the moment, so keep 'em crossed for that too! :)

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