Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Hey, look at this!!!!

Isn't this great? I've been given an award by Val, on behalf of Vincent's Vixens for my fiction inspired by the Divine Vincenzo! Isn't this a lovely thing of her to do? I'm thrilled and touched by this... If I'm managing to convey something of the man himself through my fiction for these discerning ladies, I must be doing something right, mustn't I? :)

Hopefully, I'll be more or less back to what resembles normal for me today - after my marathon stay-up and my chatting exploits in the middle of the night... It was fun, but it was bloody hard going staying awake that long, and yesterday, I felt like half doped hell all day. Needless to say, not a word on Gothic Heat got done, and I endured a lot of angst, thinking it was shit and a pointless exercise - probably because I was so tired - but by the end of the day, I'd come back around to it. I also even managed to do a tiny bit of web design work that I have outstanding, so despite my sleep deprived state, yesterday wasn't an entirely lost day...

So, I must get back into gear today... Himself is away for ten days, visiting the WW2 battlefields of Holland and Belgium, and I wanted to spend this time alone, really cracking on with work. Two days of the ten have already elapsed, and I've not achieved much, so I have to kick it up a notch today... or else!

Before I leave, may I ask a question? Authors... what do you think of online chats? Do you enjoy them and find them valuable? Readers... do you enjoy real time chatting with authors? A chance to ask them questions about their books?

Telly: not yet
Choc/Yummy: not yet
Mood: sort of determined
Writing: thinking about Gothic Heat
Reading: not yet
RSI/FMS: everything knacked by sleep deprivation

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