Monday, 7 January 2019

My first 'photography walk'...

Found some beautiful colour in a town centre shrubbery when I ventured out this morning. This was a bit of an expedition for me, as winter and fibromyalgia aren’t a good mix and I very rarely sally forth from my burrow.

But as it was fine and dry and not too cold, I pushed myself and decided to go into town to pay in a cheque and collect a prescription myself. Bit scary, as it’s been weeks/months since I’ve done this.

The cherry on the cake though was that I decided to pop my small DSLR, with a pancake lens, in my bag, and see if I could be bold enough to get some shots as I rambled around. I’ve *never* done this before, and I was very nervous. But town was quiet and once I started shooting, the fear disappeared and the pleasure of photography came flooding in.

The shots I took are probably far less than average by most photographers’ standards, I’m sure, but I’m pleased. And it was an important first step. I’ve done it once now, so I can do it again. And again. And again. This pretty foliage is just one of about 40 shots, and I might post a few more in the coming days.

I’m very pleased that I took the chance!

ps. I haven't been writing all that much lately, and I'm not sure when I'll get back to it, so I'm pretty much all about photography at the moment.

I will get back to writing some time in 2019 though!

See my photos here!