Sunday, 4 January 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

09:56 I'm back to drinking Capt. Scott blend tea. Cheaper than Yorkshire Gold & nearly as tasty. Still worry about dying in a tent though.

09:59 So much to do today & so little motivation. But must be harsh with myself & get stuck in & stop behaving like a dilettante instead of pro

10:06 Daily Tweetage: 12:21 Just back from Tesco. Crumpets, grapes and tea 4 breakfast. Food shopping less fun when ha..

11:09 Have switched on LoudTwitter again for blog content, as am bad blogger and don't post v. much.

11:11 Erk, just discovered that hips, thighs, tum and bum have acquired post Xmas flobber. Must get back in healthy fruit type habits.

11:14 And still I'm tweeting when I should be working! When will I ever learn?

11:20 Hell, I'm *still* tweeting! Step away from the tweetage, woman!

11:22 Am not really here, but have won lottery! Alas, cannot retire to life of luxury on ten quid 'tho...

14:18 Agh, I love this little story of mine, but having to check the proofs of it is making me crazy. Feel slightly sick every time I look @ them

14:52 Forced myself to read thru story again. And it's okay. Was just being stupid, not wanting to look at it. Changes okay to send to editor now.

15:00 Well, one job down. Now have another dreaded job, writing bio for antho I'm going to be in! Need non irritating way to make self sound fab!

15:14 Wahey, both proof corrections & final version of bio now sent off. Need to treat myself to slice of Xmas cake as a reward. To hell w/ thighs

17:13 What's Your Blogging Personality? - - Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate #blogthings

18:03 Still no writing done. Only small chores. Kind of tidying up loose ends for proper writing push tomorrow [my story, & I'm sticking 2 it ;)]

22:15 amazing. am doing a chat challenge at the mo, and have written 1.2k words in the space of about 40 minutes... go me!

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Daily Tweetage

  • 12:21 Just back from Tesco. Crumpets, grapes and tea 4 breakfast. Food shopping less fun when have to do cost analysis on each item to reduce bill
  • 12:23 So much to do today. Saturday is not rest day for 7 day week workers like writers.
  • 17:09 Weather outlook...: Feeling tired and brain-foggy today. So hard to concentrate on anything, yet my to-do list i..
  • 22:11 The Twitter Happiness score for PortiaDaCosta is: 542. Apparently, I'm 'very happy!' :)
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