Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

23:38 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets: 23:29 jeezum, have written 2K words this evening! nearly finished a story! I r.. tinyurl.com/8capcd

07:36 Current story seems to have gone off the rails a bit. Need to herd it back on course. And stop mixing metaphors too. LOL

07:37 Am starting to pay for that 2K words in around an hour. Shoulders & wrists rather sore. A steady pace of around 1K per day is better for me.

07:38 Another bitter cold day here in West Yorkshire. Glad I work from home. Himself has to go out, as 3 day week seems to be 4 day this week.

08:11 Drinking Twinings 1706 Blend tea at the moment. Delicious! Might be better than Yorkshire Gold, methinks...

09:20 Not dressed yet, but have written 100 words of current story. Steering it back on track. I hope.

10:55 One piece of Christmas cake left. Eat now? Save for afternoon tea break?

13:48 Well, have written my 1K words for the day. Good going, eh, before lunch!

14:29 Broke kitchen timer I use for writing, but have now discovered timer on my phone and love it! So loud & sounds just like an alarm clock!

17:48 Sigh. Liked my story when first started it, then hated it, then liked it, now think it's a shambling mess again.

20:42 Am worried about a friend.

20:56 twitter seems a bit bolluxed up tonight

21:10 Oh dear, am very, very tired all of a sudden. Massive yawning.

21:31 wot the blinkin eck is up with twitter? Stuff's arriving in the wrong order...

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