Saturday, 19 January 2013

We are cat people again...

I'm thrilled to present the two gorgeous new cats who've just come to live with us. They're Mork [L] and Mindy [R] and they're a brother and sister, who we've adopted from someone who can't keep them any more. 

They're very nervous, unsure of themselves and shy at the moment, as is natural. Mindy has taken refuge behind the washing machine for the time being, and Mork is staying put in the basket. But I'm sure they'll relax before long, and begin to explore their new home, and feel comfortable. I think it'll be an easier acclimatisation for them, because they're together, and each has the reassurance of their constant, known companion.

The fact that they are devoted to each other is brand new for us, as all our previous cats have come to us at different times, and have never really got beyond the stage of being 'used to' each other, and tolerating each other. To have a couple of cats who are real soul mates is a novelty, and absolutely delightful!

Look out for lots more photos as they get used to us and come out to investigate the house.