Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A most auspicious day today!

Wahey, it's a big publishing day for me today. Not only do I have a new book out myself - FAR FROM PERFECT, my first ever release with a new-for-me publisher Samhain Publishing - but my fabulous writing buddy and critique partner, SASKIA WALKER, also has a new title published today. So you might say that Tuesday, 1st March 2011 is a bit of a Yorkshire double, as we both live in the same region, not ten miles apart. Saskia is on holiday at the moment, taking a well earned break, so we won't be able to lunch out to celebrate our new books, but I'm sure when she's home again we'll soon be hitting our favourite cafe to mark this occasion.

Anyway, first, my offering:

FAR FROM PERFECT is the first out and out romance I've had published in a while. As readers will know, I'm mostly known for writing women's erotica and erotic romance, but I am a romance author too, and have had a couple of releases over the years, under an earlier nom de plum MEGAN PAUL. However FAR FROM PERFECT is my first non erotic romance release as "Portia", and it's a sort of "friends to lovers" plot crossed with an "engagement of convenience".

Anna Felgate has loved Niccolo Lisitano since she was a teenager, and four years ago, she kind of forced the issue with him somewhat, by sliding into bed with him one night and pretty much offering herself to him "on a plate". She knew he was the man for her, and was convinced that if he could just see her as the woman she'd become, rather than the girl he'd always looked out for in a brotherly way, the path would be open for their relationship to blossom. However, as so often happens, the best laid plans of mice and lovers went awry, and though the lovemaking was blissful, the aftermath was a mess of recriminations and emotional over-reaction, leading to an outcome was a polite estrangement between Anna and Nick.

However, four years later, Nick needs Anna's help in cheering up his dangerously ill father, and only an engagement between his playboy son and the daughter of his old and dear friend will suffice for the elder Lisitano. Cue a high drama of spiky verbal jousting, love-hate confrontations, and a desire between Anna and Nick that just won't quit.

So, if you want to find out how these two stubborn people resolve their differences, and what Nick's special patent migraine cure is, you can find out by taking a chance on FAR FROM PERFECT! It's available now direct from Samhain Publishing here, or you can nip over to my website, and read the prologue and check out various buying links for your preferred ebook vendor or ebook device [I'll be adding more choices as they become available]. But do remember, if you're a Portia Da Costa fan who's looking for edgy erotica and kinkiness, this book might not be the one for you. It's got highly sensual love scenes, and emotional intensity, but no raw, graphic descriptions or perviness.

You can also read quite a generous sized portion of FAR FROM PERFECT here at Googlebooks. That should give you a fair idea if it's hot enough for you!

* * * 

But if you want a read that's guaranteed to be red hot and raunchy, as well as wonderfully written, look no further than HER FANTASY by my chum Saskia Walker. This is a Harlequin Spice Brief, so the level of eroticism is super high, and Saskia's story is themed around a sizzling menage a trois.

Here's the description:

"Which sexual fantasy is your ultimate turn-on?"

How is Anya Reid supposed to control her lust for her sexy coworker Warren McClure when he asks questions like that on their very first date? She has wanted Warren and to be more adventurous in bed for a long time, but she never expected him to be so direct...or to correctly guess that a ménage is her secret desire.

Soon Warren isn't just talking about Anya's fantasies—he's making them come true. But does he want a true relationship, or is he only interested in their erotic games?

You can find more delightful details about HER FANTASY here at Saskia's site, along with a taster excerpt and links to purchase it.