Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Gemstone Collection 8 is released today!

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I'm thrilled to announce that the WTRAFSOG Gemstone Collection #8 is released today! It's wonderful to share the billing with such a fantastic group of authors, and I'm deeply grateful to the WTRAFOG mastermind, Summer Daniels for including my menage novella POWER OF THREE amongst the selection of juicy novels and novellas. You can find out more about the collection here, along with summaries of the individual contributions, and links to buy the set.

To celebrate the release, Summer has organised a grand all day Facebook party and you can sign up here to join the fun.

 Hope to see you there, and if you've not yet tried POWER OF THREE, this boxed set is a great chance to do so, as well as to read the work of ten other authors for a bargain price!

The Gemstone Collection #8 is available from:

Amazon US, Amazon UK, iTunes US, iTunes UK, Nook and Kobo

Thursday, 20 November 2014


I’m testing another blogging program.

The Gemstone Collection 8

My short menage novella POWER OF THREE is included in Volume 8 of the WHAT TO READ AFTER FSOG Gemstone collection!

So if you haven't yet got hold of this naughty novella, now's a good time to buy this collection, because not only will you get POT, you'll also get to read stories by ten other wonderful authors.

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Look out for more news in the next day or two, as the release date is 23rd of November!

Testing Testing… again

Byword didn't pan out, so I'm trying a new blogging tool. Whether this coaxes me into blogging properly again remains to be seen. LOL
There is quite a bit of news to impart, so I really should get my finger out and blog about it all! ;)

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Testing testing

This is me, testing an app called Byword. Hopefully it’ll help me to write blog posts more frequently. :)