Friday, 27 October 2006

'home' day...

I've done no writing at all so far today, because it's been a 'home' type day. Which entails me making like a housey-house wife for the first time in a blue moon!

I admit it, I am the most disgusting undomesticated slut around the house, and have a high tolerance for disorder, clutter and grime. But every now and again, I think enough is enough, and I have a little 'do'... Not a great spring clean or anything, just a skim type clean up to stem the tide of the worst of the filth and grunge. So today I:
  • sorted out a mountainous pile of *clean* washing and put it away
  • did a major wash of dirty washing... the hamper was disturbingly full
  • flung Zoflora all around the bathroom and toilet, plus scrubbed at things with those scrubby cloths that are advertised on the telly
  • defrosted the fridge... needed it as the pong from himself's Camembert was doing my head in
  • flicked a duster around in one or two places that actually show
  • hoovered where I could get to ie. places not filled with clutter, and clutter that we are looking after for one of himself's mates
  • did all oustanding washing up
My reward for all this activity was the central heating finally going on! Actually, I could have had it on a lot sooner, as the pilot light was still on from last year, so all it needed was the thermo turning up. Any road up, it's lovely and toasty warm now and I don't have to creep around like a Michelin man with about eight layers of clothes on. Yippee!

In other news... I don't half love Blogger Beta, but I think my sidebar is starting to get a bit mental. Because I can put widgets and squidgets there, I've just gone hog wild with them, and stuck in every thing but the kitchen sink... [might actually find a pic of a kitchen sink and put that there too!] I think eventually I might weed out a few things and streamline it a bit, but for the moment I'm loving the ability to add interesting things to the nav/sidebar. It's like being let out of prison after the measly limitations of Bravejournal [not to mention the ****ing ads you have to contend with there, even if you pay!]

Speaking of my sidebar, please have a go at voting in my poll of what sort of erotic romance you'd prefer me to write... I've only got one vote so far - and that's from me for 'kinky contemporary'!

Words done today: 190