Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Big Christmas Feed

Welcome to our Big Christmas Feed from RSPCA on Vimeo.

Donate to the Big Christmas Feed!

It's getting a bit late to sort out Christmas now, so instead of late gifts and cards, I've made a donation to the RSPCA's Big Christmas Feed. Winter is a tough time for abandoned animals, and in this recession the situation is infinitely harder.

My own beloved cats Kuffer, Alice and Mulder will be warm and well fed over Christmas, but the RSPCA is doing its best to take care of the animals who aren't quite so lucky.

Donate to the Big Christmas Feed!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Is it or isn't it?

Bit of a mystery... Is SHADOWPLAY available in the US as an ebook or isn't it?

It's definitely available in the UK, although as far as I can tell, only from the Random House site, in epub format.


Now, that link says it's only for download in the UK. However, the lovely folk are All Romance Ebooks have Shadowplay listed for sale in epub format, with a price in dollars, so I assume that US readers are able to purchase and download it there.


I may be missing something here, but it almost seems as if somebody doesn't really want people to buy this book in a digital form, because it's not listed at the UK Waterstones or W H Smiths ebook stores, and nor is it listed at the major US ebook outlets either.

Me, I'd love my books to be available in ebook form, because more and more readers are preferring ebooks over print books. Although I'll probably read some print books myself for years to come yet, I'm also going digital, because I read some titles on my Palm T3 and have now got a second hand Sony PRS-505 e-reader that I hope to start building up a library on soon too.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

SHADOWPLAY - oldie but goodie reviews

The new reprint of SHADOWPLAY is out today [allegedly].

Shadowplay was originally published back in 1999 and I had a lot of fun writing it back in the day. I'm not sure how it's weathered the test of time, as I've grown a helluva lot as a writer in the intervening years... but back then, when it was originally published, I did get a couple of very nice reviews for it.

So, with many thanks to Kathee and Hazel, here they are: