Friday, 20 October 2006

this is so cute!

Isn't this book cute? It's an ideas resource... with a word, or a paragraph, or a piccie on each small page. Each of which is supposed to trigger an idea for a story, a book, or even a blog entry. Me being the sort of person for whom idea finding is hard, hard, hard, I was all over this little book like a rash when it was recommended by my writing chum Sylvia Day on a writing message board we both frequent.

Not that I've been waxing productive and imaginative at all today. It's been a complete bust, apart from a bit of webby stuff, despite my high resolutions of yesterday. Saskia will think I'm a totally useless waster!

Must do better tomorrow...

in the middle of the night...

I'm very, very tired this morning. Yesterday was a lovely but busy day, and I was looking forward to a good night's sleep to rest up so that I'd be fresh today and ready to do loads of work.

Ha! The best laid plans... At around four o'clock this morning, there was a commotion and himself got up to see what was going on. Two cats were on red alert in the kitchen, and we soon discovered that either Alice or Mulder had caught a mouse, brought it inside, and then released it into the wild of the house. Brilliant! Now usually, in domestic 'situations', himself is the best 'coper' and 'resolver' of problems. However, in this case, he had to stand aside while the Great Mouso swung into action, clad in the pair of gardening gloves she never uses for gardening. With luck, I was able to corner the little devil quite quickly, scoop it up, and run outside - in the pouring rain - to release it into the real wild!

Great stuff, but unfortunately, when I returned to bed, I couldn't switch off, and my mind ran in circles for a couple of hours, on writing and related topics, while both himself and Kuffer snored beside me. [Kuffer the cat snoring considerably louder than his human counterpart!]

And now, of course, with a hefty working day ahead of me... I'm knackered!!!