Thursday, 29 January 2015

How to Seduce a Billionaire - out now!

My latest billionaire book is out now! HOW TO SEDUCE A BILLIONAIRE is alternative take on the relationship between a rich, Alpha male and a virgin. I do hope you'll like it, and come to love my characters Jess and Ellis as much as I do. They're both fun, yet complex characters and they love sex. Even virgin Jess, who's been longing to meet a man who can make her fantasies into reality...

Here's the blurb...

Twenty-nine year old virgin Jess Lockhart has had to put her life on hold due to family commitments, but now it's time to break out and start enjoying sex and love. Trickily for her, years of artistic dreaming and fantasising about her first ever lover have given her impossibly high standards where men are concerned. She's not about to do the deed with just any old male that crosses her path. He has to be Mr Right, or at the very least Mr Sex, right for now, and a super special, superior example of his gender. Nothing less will do...

Ellis McKenna has all the credentials to be Jess's 'Dream Lover'. He's gorgeous, accomplished, capable and a fabulous lover, and he also just happens to be the scion of a family whose international assets can be counted in the billions. He's perfect Mr Right material, apart from one thing... the thing that makes him Mr Wrong for any woman wanting a relationship. Ellis is a grieving widower who's sworn never to love again. He wants sex, yes, and plenty of it, as a way to forget his pain... but his deeper heart is locked away by regret and sorrow.

Can this unusual couple put aside their issues and enjoy a simple seduction? Or will life's complexities put a spanner in the works?

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