Friday, 26 June 2009

First sighting... NO LONGER FORBIDDEN

Wahey, isn't it hawt?

Due out next Wednesday... excerpt here!

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Monday, 22 June 2009

New Release Today!

Ben Chambers is the perfect boyfriend, the perfect lover, the perfect man.

Sarah adores him, but she knows that despite the deliciousness of their lovemaking, their shared interests, and the fun they have together, there's a certain special something missing in their relationship.

And then, arriving for a hedonistic weekend of luxury at an English country house hotel, something happens that changes everything between them. A momentary, inconsequential pat on the bottom opens the door to a breathtaking world of daring and transgressive sexual pleasure...and forges a bond that's both profoundly physical and a melding of their souls.

NB. The Retreat previously appeared as part of the BOUND BRITS anthology.

Available now as an individual story from TOTAL-E-BOUND

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Super review for KISS IT BETTER!

I've just received a super review of KISS IT BETTER from author, journalist & reviewer LUCY FELTHOUSE!

Here's a snip of what she has to say... "pacy, sexy and the characters are fantastic. As per usual, I found myself wishing I was in the shoes of the female character"

Click here to read the full review

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Friday, 12 June 2009

Exciting News!!!!

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been offered a two book contract to write erotic romance novels for Harlequin Spice, the big sister of Spice Briefs, the line of short erotic fiction I've been writing for since last November.

I don't have full details of publication and delivery as yet, but the first book will be the critter I've been calling Victorianoid, which is actually an erotic romance set in the late 1880s, provisionally entitled IN THE FLESH. It's a kind of Victorian 'Indecent Proposal', with a feisty heroine, determined to make the best of a tricky situation she's got herself into, and a hot, sexually voracious, very alpha Victorian gentlemen who takes a fancy to her. I think it's going to be lots of fun!

IN THE FLESH is loosely linked to A GENTLEWOMAN'S PREDICAMENT and A GENTLEWOMAN'S RAVISHMENT which come out back to back as Spice Briefs next Spring!

Not sure yet what the second book of the deal will be... but I'll worry about that when the time comes! :)

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Thursday, 4 June 2009

KISS IT BETTER - out today in the UK

KISS IT BETTER - Portia Da Costa

Erotic romance from Black Lace - published in the UK on 4th June 2009 [US 4th Aug 09]

ISBN: 978-0352345219

Jay Bentley is a man with issues. Haunted by physical and psychological demons, he seeks solace and sexual oblivion in the pursuit of an exquisite erotic daydream from his youth, and the reality of a woman who has illuminated his inner fantasies since a brief meeting years ago.

Sandy Jackson has always known that a certain magic is ‘missing’ from her life. She’s feisty and philosophical, but her dreams are filled with heated images of a handsome Prince Charming she once encountered, a man who will kiss everything better and thrill her with glorious, dangerous pleasure.

But the past is an illusion, and the present fraught with conflict and uneasy compromise… can two passionate lovers reconcile their differences and slake their burning sensual hunger for each other in a wild and daring liaison?

Excerpts here and here

Available from and

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Nipple twiddling!

I'm becoming a bit obsessed with what Willa is doing to James here... Actually, in the story, it's more the other way around, but I do like this cover image a helluva lot! I'm not usually a great one for mantitty covers, but even I have to admit his torso is pretty lush... :)

And the good news today is that SECOND TIME AROUND is now listed at eHarlequin, so hie thee over there to see an even bigger version of this delicious cover... oh, and also buy the book too, if that's your fancy!

SECOND TIME AROUND - buy from Harlequin

And in other good news, the first story in the Risque Reunions trilogy, TWICE THE PLEASURE, has just received a lovely review from Wendy the Superlibrarian at The Good, The Bad and The Unread!

Well pleased about that! Check it out!

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Tuesday, 2 June 2009


SECOND TIME AROUND is the 2nd instalment of my Risque Reunions trilogy of Spice Briefs, three stories about lovers who meet again at a ten year school reunion.

When Willa spots her ex-husband, James, eyeing her seductively at their high school reunion, she doesn't know what to think--or how to control her body's reaction to him. James has changed from the mild, non-confrontational man she married. Now he's darker, sexier and eager to be in command. For the first time in their relationship, Willa is helpless before him--and she likes it. It's time for her to make things right, starting by surrendering to pleasure...and to James's will.

Read an excerpt here

Available from Fictionwise, Books on Board and Amazon Kindle so far, and due at eHarlequin shortly.

If you like the BDSM theme of SECOND TIME AROUND, you will also enjoy another Harlequin ebook out this month, from Victoria Dahl, a lovely author I met at the Romance Writers of America literary signing last year.

THE WICKED WEST is a sexy western story of a hot sheriff with some dark, dangerous urges who meets a superficially prim English widow with secrets of her own.

Available from Fictionwise, Books on Board and Amazon Kindle.

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