Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Is it wrong....

to count the words of the notes I've been making this morning towards my daily Sweat70 total?

After convincing myself last night that what I've written so far on In Too Deep is a pile of camel dung of the highest pong, and that the idea itself is ludicrous, I'm feeling better disposed towards it at the moment. Thanks in part to more of my bathroom brainstorming. Had a few not too pathetic and insane ideas about it whilst hovering before the sink, starkers and soapy, and when I was all clean and dry and dressed, I rushed to the laptop to get them down in my notes file. [above piccie is supposed to represent the foam of ideas welling up... or summink like that] I think I'm starting to get a sense of the book, sort of. I've plumped for first person for the time being, but will give myself permission to change that if it doesn't work out. There's also a bit of an additional hero first person POV in the form of some notes and letters and emails, which I'm hoping will work and not seem too hokey. The story takes place in the Stoneworld universe, but I'm not sure if it'll seem contrived to try and get some of the other characters into it. Maybe they'll just be 'seen' rather than have speaking parts.

Anyway, I did a solid 1K of words yesterday on this opus, so In Too Deep is officially under way now. And that's good because it means I've overcome my fear of 'starting'... which is a pretty big hurdle for me. :)

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