Sunday, 27 April 2008

I'd forgotten how much...

... I hate checking page proofs!!!!!

It's not that I hate the book itself, on the contrary, I'm very fond of it, and the characters. But I hate having to read it twice on the trot, knowing I'm going to find snafus. I daren't just read it the once, because I always, but always, find new errors on the second pass.

Worse than the actual reading and marking up the errors is the decision making. Making decisions is one of the things I loathe and hate and dread in life with extreme prejudice! And having to decided, with certain page proof 'funnies' whether to change them, or how to change them, makes me want to scream and cry and break things. It's horrifically stressful. In fact I actually get a physically sick feeling in my stomach at the thought of it... I've got that right now, and I'm doing anything I can to avoid tackling the proofs again... including making lolcats instead of getting stuck in.

And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I should be a pro about this and get started and not whinge like a baby about it... but as my dear old Mum would have said, I'm 'maungy' and a drama queen, and can really act like a kid about things sometimes...

Time for a coffee, methinks, and maybe I'll watch a bit of snooker now... and start again on the proofs this afternoon. LOL