Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A change of cover...

I've made a new cover for my erotic BDSM short, NAUGHTY THOUGHTS. I very much liked my old cover for this title, but after listening to the thoughts and advice of a bunch of smart self publishers, all of whom are far bigger sellers than I am, I realized I ought to try something a bit more eye-catching...

So, what do you think? I think it's fun and saucy and does suggest the 'naughty thoughts' that the heroine Vickie has, the BDSM fantasies she indulges in when she's making love with her man, Terrence. Luckily for her, Terrence is a perceptive fellow... and a dominant... so pretty soon he's making her dreams into reality.

You can buy Naughty Thoughts from and and there's a sexy sample here.

Naughty Thoughts is part of my Delicious Masters series.

Here's the previous cover for comparison. More dreamy and mysterious, I think.

NB. If you've bought my anthology DARING INTERLUDES, please don't buy NAUGHTY THOUGHTS, as it's included in that collection.