Thursday, 12 July 2007

struggling... and sleepy

Sometimes I wish I was a cat, like Kuffer, and I didn't always have a weight of 'stuff to do' bearing down on me all the time... How wonderful it must be to only ever have your next Whiskas Ever So Fishy pouch on your mind, if that.

I feel as if I'm struggling today. Not with my Sweat70... I've done 1.3K towards that, in the form of a K of Gothic Heat, and a mini outline for the final stages of it. No, it's just everything, really. I've got a set of proofs to check, quite a big one, plus some web work coming in and a Q&A to do tomorrow at Romance Divas. Goodness knows what sort of showing I'll put up there. I really am the last person to be telling romance writers how to do stuff. Mainly because 99% of the time, I haven't the faintest idea what I'm doing myself...

A case in point. A couple of the other Sweat70 combatants have been posting about 'pacing' in the last couple of days... and I've realised that apart from idea finding and plotting, pacing a novel or story is the thing I'm most crap at! Gothic Heat is a pacing nightmare... crawls like a slug on valium for around 50K... and now, I've only got 25K left, and I've about a dozen major plot events/scenes to squidge into that measly 25 thousand! Bloody hell, talk about unbalanced! I've a feeling this sukka is going to run over budget if I'm to get everything in, which will mean a humongous and complicated edit to get the monstrosity down to a manageable size... sigh...

Telly: Fred Dibnah
Choc/Yummy: choc biccie
Mood: weighed down
Writing: 1.3K Gothic Heat bits
Reading: Dark Lover/JR Ward
RSI/FMS: sore and tired

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