Friday, 30 January 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

16:10 Despite delish lunch w/Lindsay, have just eaten large piece of cake & some winegums. BeachedWhaledom beckons...

16:13 Will soon be banned from Cafe Revive. Always end up talking about rude stuff with writer friends, making nearby old ladies scared.

18:16 Just had an ebook splurge inc. 'Talk Me Down' and 2 x Megan Harts + some Briefs. :)

18:31 Feel so bloaty over the cake and the wine gums. It was just pure greed.

08:27 Gawd, it's cold this morning. 0 degrees, but feeling like -5 with wind chill. May have to go out to post later, but otherwise, am staying in

11:58 Hot news, tweets! Random House's new Valentine's promo is free hot books. Today's is IN TOO DEEP! Print or ebook!

12:22 Today only - an irresistible offer!!!!!: As part of the run up to Valentine's Day celebrations, Random House are..

13:08 Agh, I tweeted too soon. The IN TOO DEEP thing is a *prize draw* to enter, not a giveaway... so sorry to have misled. Starts 1st February.

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IN TOO DEEP - an irresistible offer!!!!!

As part of the run up to Valentine's Day celebrations, Random House are running a prize draw for an erotic novel every day! And guess what the first offering is?

You're right... it's IN TOO DEEP!

The draw starts on 1st February so...

So click here on that day to enter!

It's available as print *and* ebook!