Tuesday, 16 January 2007

I made another purty thing!

Ah hah! Is this the sound of a breakthrough?

Despite getting slightly embroiled in 'stuff' again today, I've been working on Buddies Don't Bite again today, and I think I might just have made a breakthrough... sort of...

I managed to put my finger on what the main problem with it was/is. Which is that in the first version, the heroine was a moron! Not surprising, really, as most of my heroines are based on aspects of me... They're almost guaranteed to be flakey, childish, self-centred nitwits with enormous chips on their shoulders! Fortunately, though, with these fictional me's it's possible to edit them and make them finer and more likable... even if it's a bit late now to change the woeful character traits of 'the real thing'! LOL

In BDB, Teresa started out as a whingeing wimp, but now she's becoming more philosophical, and wry, and self aware... Which I'm liking. She feels more 'right'... and now I think I've got to tweak [ooeerr missis] Zack a bit too, and bring him more into line with the new feel of the book.

And yes, revising and reading this afternoon, it felt much more like a 'Buddies Don't Bite' book. It's not a laugh out loud funny thing, but I think there's a very subtly humorous tone that might fit with that title. I think I may stick with it for the time being, but give myself permission to change it if I feel I need to...
Telly: Phantom of the Opera - movie
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Mood: better
Writing: editing Buddies
Reading: Thunderball
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