Thursday, 24 May 2007

some brainstorming required

Yep, it's finally dawned on me what's bugging me... Large bits of my so called plot for Gothic Heat don't actually make a lot of sense and have not been 'thought through'! I really need to spend some more time thrashing out plot points, character motivation, timescale and logical 'what if' stuff... I think I need to rehash the outline thing I did, and maybe get someone else, with a fresh eye, to take a look at it when I've done it. Bits of the idea work, but some are still a bit jumbled. It's all too pantsed - and pants! I think a pantsing approach can work for a 'relationship' contemporary, but I think for paranormals, there has to be an internal logic... or I can just see the reviewers and all tearing me a brand new one for inconsistencies and stupid worldbuilding... or lack of it.

The good news is that I still think the stuff I've written so far is okay, with a little tweakage. The basic idea of the heroine, Paula, being a conduit/vessel for the evil spirit of Isidora the sorceress is fine, and has tons of potential. As does her seeking help from a conflicted and ambiguous guy like Rafe... it's just the actual mechanics and 'rules' of this set up that need more development and cohesion.

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