Sunday, 6 May 2007

virtual fun

Hey, I went to a glamorous awards ceremony last night! Hung with celebs of the romance world at a glitzy event... in virtual reality!

It was the Cameo Awards for Romance Book Trailers and it was held at the Romance Galleria which is a nifty 3D virtual world for romance writers and readers. I've been loitering there quite a lot lately, chatting to various writing buddies. It's a great venue for writers, where you can have a permanent presence or take part in chats and trailer screenings and other cyber events. There are official chats, but it's also perfectly possible, free and huge fun to just hang around the lobby and the exhibit landings having an informal natter with your buddies.

The Galleria does require you to download its own special software to create the virtual world, but even cautious me hasn't really had any problems with it. It's jolly new widget/toy to play with... and procrastinate with when I'm supposed to be writing!

ps. am gonna have to get me some book trailer goodness soon... I wonder if the Divine Vincenzo would consider starring in one for me. He does like to appear in Indie films, after all...

Telly: the snooker
Choc/Yummy: individual carrot cakes
Mood: idle
Writing: none
Reading: none
RSI/FMS: bit sore

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