Thursday, 28 August 2008

moody guy

Gosh, he looks a moody guy, doesn't he? My Jay... This is a hero with some heavy issues, but I think in my first draft of the first 17K or so of Kiss It Better, he was a bit too downbeat and angsty... In my reworking of this first portion of the book, I've lightened him up just a little bit, and made him a tad more philosophical and positive. Yeah, there's stuff he's got to deal with, but he's more of a survivor now and someone who looks for a bit of life affirming fun along the way. And meeting Sandy, even though there are major complications to their relationship, is a key to his new outlook...

I have so much work to do at the moment! This novel to progress with, a longish short story to do before the 8th Sept, an author spotlight thingoid to sort out, promo to begin for IN TOO DEEP, which is out in the UK on 4th Sept... boy, how that one snuck up on me! Have little features and excerpts to get ready and review copies to send out... eek, agh! I'd also like to work out some other ideas... and I have web design things to do too. Am feeling slightly in danger of drowning in it all, but I'm managing to stay positive and plod on. :)

What's on your to-do lists, guys?