Saturday, 26 May 2007

Houston, I have a problem

Ack, just when I started waking up enough to consider doing some writing, I switched to ITV1 and discovered one of my all time favourite movies is on... Apollo 13. Gosh, I love this movie! I've seen it loads of times, but I never tire of it, and get nervy on each viewing... even though I know it's a true story and the astronauts get back home! And there's no way I can switch it off half way through... once I've started watching, I have to see the mission all the way through until the splashdown!

Apart from it being a fabulous story, and a truly uplifting example of the human spirit at its finest, the movie is acted by a A1 exceptional cast, headlined by a couple of my big faves, Tom Hanks and Kevin Bacon, along with the also splendid Ed Harris, Bill Pulman and Gary Sinise.

Telly: see above
Choc/Yummy: Turkish Delight
Mood: lazy
Writing: not
Reading: AGW
RSI/FMS: bit sore

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