Wednesday, 24 January 2007

two useful things...

I haven't yet done any writing today, but I have done two useful things. Sort of...

The first is spread the pink pretty plague across another of my web sites:

It's a bit of a lash up, and the whole site could do with redesigning and revamping, but thanks to the wonders of CSS style sheets I've been able to change my colours and my font, as well as cook up a few quick title graphics in Photoshop. It's no great wonder of design, but it looks a bit fresher... and it's still got my honest to goodness, ah bless, home made look. I hate over designed, over glossy author web sites that are all branded and all that... yek! If God had meant people to be branded he'd have made them into tins of beans!

I've also managed to begin to understand my new accounts software! Hurray! And I think I'm going to like it better than Quicken, actually so yah boo sucks to you ratfinks at Quicken who don't think the UK is important a place enough to continue creating your software for... The 'other' software program is much prettier, and I think it'll be able to do what I want...

Watched the last bit of Priscilla this morning over breakfast, then cycled to a bit of Snakes on a Plane... er... not sure I'm too keen on this, as it's one of those 'spot the person who's going to die horribly' movies... oh, and a cat just got 'snaked'... and I don't like that at all!!!!

I might like it better when Samuel L. Jackson starts swearing a bit more!

Telly: Snakes on a Plane
Chocolate: Hotel Chocolat
Mood: okay
Writing: must do some soon!
Reading: instructions for my accounts software
RSI: not bad