Sunday, 20 April 2008

Snooker Loopy!

This is what I'll be watching on the telly for the next couple of weeks! Wahey, it's the World Snooker Championships held at the Crucible in Sheffield!

Snooker is the ideal viewing while checking page proofs, because you can have it burbling away in the background as a calming presence, and when you need a few moments to refresh your mind and your eyes, you can look up and dip into a game. I haven't quite yet decided who I want to win... but when I do, it'll be the kiss of death for that player, naturally.

What with the proofs and everything, I have a busy week ahead. I'm featured at the Raven Blog on Wednesday, and will be dropping in to answer comments there. :)

And on Friday, I've got an excerpt post at Lust Bites. Still haven't quite decided what excerpt to post, but it'll be from my first ever Black Lace novel GEMINI HEAT. Have been reading through the thing, looking for something to pull out, and it's astonishing how different it is to the way I write now. I'm not saying it's necessarily worse or better... it's just different! I think for my own taste, I prefer the me of now... I'm much, much happier with emotion based, committedly romantic writing... but the old PDC of full on, shag everything that moves erotica still has a certain charm.

Regular readers... what do you think? Erotic journeys toward love and HEA? Or women's erotic education bonkathons?