Friday, 27 November 2009

You know my name!

Yes, I've finally received word that SHADOWPLAY has actually been reprinted and it does have my name on the cover! And the very helpful Kelly is hoping to be able to circulate the proper cover image to the various online booksellers.

A word of warning though... It says on the cover 'an erotic romance' and really, I don't think it is one. It'd be more accurate to say that it's erotica for women, with some romantic elements. It certainly isn't centred on a one man, one woman, mutually exclusive relationship. In fact, it's pretty shagathonic to be honest!

Anyway, it'll be out on the 8th December, so judge for yourself. :)

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Naughty Bits 2 - coming in March 2010

This beauty is due out in March 2010! It contains my story CHANCE OF A LIFETIME and a bunch of other great Spice Brief stories including Caught in the Act by my buddy Saskia Walker!

Naughty Bits 2 -

Naughty Bits 2 -