Thursday, 14 June 2012

Latest happenings and bits...

Another in my series of bitty disorganised blog posts. I guess it's better than my usual silence though, isn't it?

First up, THE ACCIDENTAL CALL GIRL. I'm trundling along nicely with this one, the story of Lizzie who starts masquerading as an escort in order to pull a gorgeous man in a bar, and ends up maintaining the charade for far longer than she'd anticipated... because she's fallen head over heels for him!

Here's how I picture "John Smith", pretty much looking how he does when she first spots him, although YMMV, of course, when you eventually read the book.

Actually, it's an evening encounter, and John's drinking gin, but the vibe of this pic is spot on. And to give you a flavour of that first meeting, I've posted a short 'first draft' excerpt of THE ACCIDENTAL CALL girl at my web site. Check it out!

The Accidental Call Girl - opening of Chapter One

In other news...

I've been indulging in one of my favourite vices of the moment again... ie. redesigning the covers of my self published titles! The latest is for FORBIDDEN TREASURES, my "married couple discover their shared love of spanking" story, part of my Delicious Masters series.

When Alice Porter finds a chest full of vintage curiosa at an antique market, she little realizes how her discovery of the forgotten treasures of an Edwardian disciplinarian will change her life. The sexy hoard includes a punishment ledger and a well used rattan cane, and the bygone items intrigue her husband Julian too. Sharing and experimenting with the writings and the wicked implement, the lovers begin a voyage of forbidden sensuality that shocks and thrills them both, revealing dark secrets from Julian's past and bringing the two of them closer together than they've ever been before.

FORBIDDEN TREASURES is available with this sexier new cover from Amazon Kindle US and Amazon Kindle UK, and you can find links to other outlets and read an excerpt here.

I'm working through all my self published titles, given them this new 'treatment', complete with the little black lacy trim that's a celebration of the return of my beloved Black Lace to publication in September!