Saturday, 13 April 2013

Mork and Mindy update

It's about three months now, since Mork and Mindy came to live with us... and here's a shot of Mindy asleep on my best dressing gown, on the bed, as an example of just how relaxed they are. :)

These two adorable cats have really settled in now, and we can tell that they're happy with us. They've bloomed now they live in a catcentric home, and are becoming more and more confident with every day that passes. In the last few days, they've passed another milestone, and have begun to go outside, via the cat flap and explore the area of the garden and its surroundings. They don't tend to stay out long, or go far, but I think the fact that they are free to come and go now has only added to their self assurance.

Surprisingly, Mindy is the bolder of the two. At first it seemed as if Mork, the big lad, was the most daring, but now it's become apparent that his smaller, daintier sister has got more 'bottle'. But Mork is following her lead... and sometimes he likes to assert himself by chasing her around a bit. She takes no notice though, or just chases him back if he gets too uppity. At most times they're simply devoted to each other, and to see them snuggled up and grooming each other just melts our hearts.