Tuesday, 17 April 2007

She's home!

Everything went smoothly. No problems. Nothing sinister in the little cyst they removed. She's supposed to take it easy and have just a light meal tonight... and the photo above is of her having her fifth light meal since she got home!!! She has three little stitches that have to come out in ten days, but as she doesn't seem to be paying much attention to them, the vet says she doesn't need one of those giant collars... Which is super, because she's such a tiny thing that a whopping great collar would be quite an encumbrance for her.

It's so lovely to have Mulder back... she's only been away since 8am this morning, but I still missed her!

Telly: documentary about Herod the Great
Chocolate: Tesco Belgian Milk
Mood: okay
Writing: none
Reading: Passion of Isis
RSI/FMS: bit sore

Don't forget Portia's Promos - new stuff being added all the time!

Please have a good thought for....


My little baby has just been taken to the vet for an operation... It's routine, to remove a small cyst on her chin that has been gradually growing for several years. But I still worry and I hate that she has to undergo an ordeal. She's such a character and a precious little mite, and it's been particularly hard to have to starve her overnight, because as you can see from the above she really, really loves her food! Hopefully, though, the op will be relatively minor and go smoothly and she'll quickly be back on top form, eating everything in sight, and possessed of an elegant super sleek chinline again!