Thursday, 12 April 2007

direction... sort of...

Bit of a breakout, yesterday, from this directionless lethargy I've been wallowing around in since before Easter. Himself got home early from work, and deposited himself in the living room, to catch a bit of telly. Not wanting to be unsocial, but not wanting to abandon the old lappie, I lugged it into the living room and plugged in there, to potter about a bit with it whilst keeping himself company... and managed to write rough outlines for two potential projects!

Don't get too excited... when I say rough, I mean fragmentary to the point of barely existing. But at least, it's started me thinking. At last. And there's something to build on... and something to show agent and editor... so they don't think I'm doing absolutely nothing! Even though I am doing almost nothing... ;)

While I'm hear, I'm still waiting to hear from lisa f... please contact me about the prize you won in my Gothic Blue publication day comment draw!

Telly: CSI/end of Life On Mars [again!]
Chocolate: G&B Dark Almond
Mood: better
Writing: thinking about GB sequel/outlines
Reading: Passion of Isis
RSI/FMS: bit sore, not too bad

Don't forget Portia's Promos - new stuff being added all the time!