Thursday, 15 January 2009

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23:21 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets: 23:21 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets: 23:21 Daily Tweetage: My day in tweets..

10:50 Today is the most important day of my life...: No, nothing majorly exciting has happened. It's just another ordi..

11:54 Just read of the death of Ricardo Montalban. He was great! Remember him best as Khan... he was freaking *awesome* in that role!

11:57 Good news! I won the lottery! Bad news... it's £2. But £2 is better than nothing. :)

12:34 Oh, I really need to simmer down right now! Something just made me so cross, but I mustn't do anything rash/stupid. Chill, Portia, chill...

13:59 Just ordered Picnic @ Hanging Rock DVD. Was thinking about it last night, don't know why & just had to have it. It's mystery will inspire me

15:23 Oh dear, I'm on the balls again. Justified due to vexation of earlier on.

16:35 Jeebers, today is developing into another day where 'stuff' gets in the way of writing. But have sorted a web thing out satisfactorily. :)

19:18 I'm hungry. Himself just ate a whole pizza and now I fancy some... stomach growling.

19:23 twitter is going peculiar on me... or am I going peculiar on it? LOL

19:54 oh bollox, it's gone weird again...

20:03 All this trifle talk + himself's pizza = me hungry. Must eat, but it'll prolly be beans on toast.

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Today is the most important day of my life...

No, nothing majorly exciting has happened. It's just another ordinary day. But I've been thinking about how I waste so much time worrying over poor choices and decisions I've made in the past, and how I also waste a lot of time thinking how great if would be if X, Y or Z happen in the future. The thing is, though, I can't go back and change the cock ups of the past, and who the f*** knows what's really going to happen in the future. So, basically, the best way to conduct your life is to make the most of here and now and enjoy the moment, instead of spoiling it by brooding on what's been and what's to come.

That's all from philosophy corner for today! :)

Anyway, very sorry that there's not been much in the way of blogging here for a while. There just seems to be a lot of stuff I have to do, but not much of it newsworthy, with the exception of a jolly lunch I had with my buddy Saskia Walker on Tuesday. We haven't managed to get together for quite a while, so it was doubly fun to have our usual laff fest and dirt dishing session. We even managed to get a table in our primo venue, the M&S Cafe Revive in big town. Am afraid I didn't have a very healthy option, and could hear my arteries crying for mercy over the fat rich but very yummy cheesey toasted sandwich, but Saskia's soup looked far more nutricious. She's got so much more sense than I have! LOL

In other news, I was busy last week and over the weekend working on a story for an anthology I'm very excited to be a part of, and which is the brainchild of a v. prestigious editor. More on that to come as news filters through. It's with one of my very favourite publishers though, so am well, well chuffed about it.

Now that's out of the way, I need to return to a couple of stories I was writing/editing before the little rush job came in, a couple of subs for the last of the current round of Black Lace short story anthologies. They're both pretty fun-sexy, playful and hopefully entertaining, although one is a tad more kinky. They're also both loosely linked to another story I've written for this series of anthologies, so I do hope they get accepted and this little 'world' I've created is complete.

When they're done? Well, back to working on ideas and outlines for new books and stories, and whatever comes up next. Am not going to think about the things I'm waiting to hear about... because that would be anticipating the future at the expense of the present, and I'm not supposed to be doing that, am I? ;)