Tuesday, 27 February 2007

latest on Kuffer

Well, we're recently back from the vet, and the doc suspects that Kuffer may have an over active thyroid. The gland in enlarged, and his general symptoms are consistent with that problem. He's had a blood test, and we'll have results in the next couple of days, and we'll take it from there. It could be an operation, or medical intervention.

This is a relief, actually, as I was fearing that Kuffer might have the same condition as Boy, who died last September. But it seems not.

Will keep you all posted on Kuffer's condition... but you'll be pleased to know he's cheery in himself and has been eating.


Well, I was going to post saying how pleased I was with my progress yesterday on Buddies, and how helpful I'd found the chatroom challenges I've been taking part in are... but the shine has been taken off that to a large extent by my current worries about Kuffer.

For a few weeks we've been noticing that he seemed to have lost a little weight, but he's been happy and contented in himself, and eating okay, so we just marked that down as something to raise with the vet on his next six monthly trip for his Program injection. However, I was woken up this morning by the sound of his tummy gurgling... really loudly. His tum has gurgled a bit now and again, but so do the tums of the other cats occasionally, and so does mine! So didn't think too much about it really... But this gurgling is loud and it's been going on since around 6.30am... He's also not eaten anything, and has been restless... so I've v. concerned about him. He's sixteen years old, so naturally, we're watchful with a cat of his age. Fortunately, his Program visit is actually tonight, so at least we were already going to the vets today, and this won't be another, extra, stressful visit for him...

Please have a good thought for my furry little lad.