Saturday, 23 February 2008

I am so lucky!

I am a very lucky author! One of the greatest blessings of my writing life is that I'm able to actually meet up with some of my lovely author friends face to face. Writing is a lonely lark, and though email friendships can be a great support and solace, nothing beats actually hanging with your homegirls and having a damn good laugh.

Last Saturday, I had a totally brilliant day out to meet Madelynne Ellis [pictured in the post below] and Janine Ashbless in Manchester - in which we went to our usual haunt, the famous pub, Via Fossa, and also rampaged around the shops a bit looking for our own books on sale - and yesterday, I met up with my fab buddy, Saskia Walker! Two fantastic author meetings in the space of only seven days... that's why I say I'm so lucky!

Saskia and I ended up in BB's, after a thwarted attempt to secure a seat in Cafe Revive, which was full to bursting with senior citizens, mums and ladies who do coffee, taking advantage of a free hot drinks before 11am special offer. But BB's is just as nice in its own way, and the tuna baguettes with reduced calorie mayonaise and the skinniccinos were spot on! We had a brilliant chat that was half our usual ribald and bitchy discussion of the publishing scene and its idiosyncrasies and half forward planning for our RWA trip at the end of July. The time flew by and when it was time to go, we could have gabbed for hours longer!