Monday, 15 August 2011

PLAY FOR TODAY - Saskia Walker

My fantastic writing buddy SASKIA WALKER has a new release out today. It's a sexy short novella called PLAY FOR TODAY, about two talented but very naughty thespians and what they get up to on a transatlantic ocean voyage. Their delicious antics bring a new meaning to the term "method acting"!

Here's the blurb:

Acting out their parts has never been so sexy…

Two upcoming British actors—Toni and Max—choose to take the slow boat to New York so they can learn their lines along the way. In the midst of a stormy sea, Max suggests they pass the time with a bit of sexy role play. As the rough seas take most of the passengers to their cabins, Toni and Max get into character for some erotic acting of the intimate kind. Soon their mutual desire collides with the forbidden affair of their characters—an inexperienced young woman and a wily seducer—with scintillating results.

You can find out more about PLAY FOR TODAY, and read a steamy excerpt at: