Sunday, 18 March 2007

I don't believe it!!!

As the late great Victor Meldrew would say...

Anyway, the latest episode in the fluid dynamics of my bedside area is that last night, on return from the pub, himself and I decided to watch Saving Private Ryan and partake of a bottle of beer to accompany [Cobra 0% alcohol for me] I drank most of mine, but about two inches were left in the bottom of the bottle when, during a particularly dramatic part in a particularly dramatic film, Alice decided she wanted to river dance on the bedside table and upended my beer bottle... all over the pile of dried out papers and magazines I had just returned to my bedside from their sojourn in the airing cupboard. Sigh... So it's all gone back to the airing cupboard. These documents and magazines are going to end up looking as if they've come out of an Egyptian tomb by the time I've finished, they'll be so discoloured and crinkled up and stiff.

Telly: Saving Private Ryan extras
Chocolate: not yet
Mood: resigned
Writing: not yet
Reading: not yet
RSI/FMS: so so