Friday, 13 July 2007

It's Q&A day!

Today's the day that Madelynne Ellis and I are doing a Q&A on Romance Divas, about writing erotic romance, I think... It should be huge fun, so click the links and visit the Romance Diva's Message Board to take part. You'll need to register, but it only takes a mo, and once you've signed up, I'm sure you'll become a regular visitor because this is such a wonderful, friendly and supportive place for romance authors. Madelynne will be imparting much wisdom on the topic of erotic writing in her answers, and I will be supplying the comic relief, probably, in that - as anyone who visits here regularly will know - I basically don't have a freaking clue about how I do what I do, and I just blunder through every writing day in a state of blind hope and raw panic!

I also think that Mr Blue [see sidebar] will be after me today with his Uzi or whatever it is, as I suspect that today will be a day when I fail miserably at Sweat70. Himself is back from his jaunt to the Lowlands and the WW2 and Napoleonic battlefields, and naturally I want to spend time just hanging out with him and getting all the buzz on his trip. Plus, we need to hit the supermarket to stock up again and do mucho domestic sorting out and tidying. My plans to make the place shipshape and Bristol fashion for his return did not materialise, and the poor lad has come back to a residence that's cross between a giant dumpster and a sty for one big, fat and particularly slovenly she-pig!

I don't forsee Gothic Heat advancing a single syllable [sp] today... sigh...

Don't forget Portia's Promos - new stuff being added all the time!