Monday, 23 June 2008

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  • 07:58 I must be more constructive today and not spend so much time on Facebook!
  • 16:51 Is sorting out drawers and throwing out junk constructive? I think it is! :)
  • 16:52 Non writing progress...: I haven't done any writing today. I haven't even done any web design bits ..
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Non writing progress...

I haven't done any writing today. I haven't even done any web design bits yet, either, and I've a client coming back from her hols on Wednesday who'll be expecting to see new stuff on her site. But I am filled with a quiet sense of achievement today, because I did some 'sorting out'.

There's not much to show for it, superficially, but I vetted one of the 'piles' in my office, and in doing so, found a document that I was actually looking for and which was the whole motivation for starting the sorting. And finding it, I discovered something that pleased me. Something I thought was part of a horrible mess was actually sorted. So less mess to worry about.

While I was in this sorting mood, I turned to the drawers in the bedroom. Again, I was in search of a particular item in an ocean of jumbled crud, and again, I found the item [although nearly lost it again, by putting it away again...] I was looking for. I also did a bit of chucking of clothing I know I won't wear, which was handy because a charity had left a plastic bag to be filled for collection on Wednesday. Result!

Again, there's not a massive reduction in crud to naked eye, but it's resulted in a slightly more manageable situation and that's satisfying. I'm very tired now, but I feel as if I haven't wasted the day so far. Obviously, no work on stories or anything, but I still feel that the time's been well spent, when often it isn't and I just fritter it away. And feel bad.

I've also watched last night's Top Gear, and particularly enjoyed the 'home made police car' feature, although some of the rest of it wasn't quite up to the lads usual stellar standards. I experimented with watching the prog on the Beeb's Iplayer thingie, because I forgot to tape it, due to putzing around on Facebook and also half watching a terrible game of football last night.

I may try and do a bit of webby stuff tonight, and possibly think a bit more about the story that's on my mind at the moment. It's about burlesque dancing, so if you know anything about that, do get in touch! :)