Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Guidelines


I'm setting guidelines rather than solid resolutions this year, because I think I stand a better chance of success that way... although some of the guidelines will have to be as solid as resolutions, or my editor will kill me! LOL

Writing Related Guidelines
  • Write 1500 words per day, every day, if I can
  • Not get cross about things I can't change to do with publishing/self publishing/the book world
  • Remain positive about my strengths
  • Try and work around my weaknesses
  • Meet my deadlines
  • When deadlines are met, take time out for a REST!
  • Not check my self published sales figures any more than once per day
  • Ignore 'dramas' as much as I can
  • When first guideline met, do something about my mailing list and my web site
  • Blog more
General Guidelines
  • Not dwell too much on my age
  • Relish the small pleasures of everyday life
  • Adopt new cats [think that one's already in process]
  • Try and be a smidge more active
  • Try and eat a smidge more healthy
  • Not dwell too much on health phobias and fears
  • Try and be more organised generally
  • Finally make serious effort with Dumpster Office of Doom
  • Watch less junk telly and more 'fill the well' telly
  • READ more!

I may add to these later. Wish me luck, eh? :)