Monday, 2 June 2008

A solution to my blog uselessness... sort of.

I've been a useless blogger lately, haven't I?

It's not as if nothing whatsoever is happening in my life. Stuff is going on, but I'm in a sort of blogging lull somehow, and not finding it easy to find even my sort of anti intellectual content. My mind seems to be taken up with trying to corral my book and story ideas, attempting to bring order to the disorder of my 'to do' lists, my business accounts, my massive amounts of paperwork and my TBR piles, and generally plan for and anticipate RWA. So there's a disappointing amount of brain capacity left over for interesting blogging and musing... at the moment.

However, I've found a little bit of a solution. Sort of...

On the right hand side of the page, beneath my little clock, you'll see a widget called Twitter updates. This is a kind of micro blogging thingoid, that's just a snapshot of what I might be doing at any given moment... so if there's no new post in the main blog, you might see a little mini entry there instead. It'll probably be something daft, or pretty meaningless, like 'am staring into space, doing nothing'... but at least it proves there's a living person here on this blog... sometimes! LOL