Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hard to believe!

It's hard to believe, but for this moment at least, TWICE THE PLEASURE is in the Harlequin Top Ten Bestselling Ebooks!

Now this is gobsmackingly thrilling to start with, but when I look at some of the other names in the same top ten, it becomes totally surreal...

Penny Jordan, Catherine George, Madeleine Ker... these are authors I was reading twenty years ago and more when I was first trying to write for Mills & Boon *and* before I even dreamed I could be an author, and was just reading Mills & Boons because I loved reading them.

If anyone had told me then that one day I'd be in a top seller list with such huge romance names, I'd have told them they were ****ing mental! LOL!

Eating: cheap chocolate biscuits
Watching: Churchill's Bodyguard
Reading: Delicious
Writing: er... haven't started yet
Feeling: rather chuffed

TWICE THE PLEASURE at Fictionwise!

TWICE THE PLEASURE is now available at Fictionwise - click here

Eating: toast and marmalade
Watching: nothing yet
Reading: Delicious - Sherry Thomas
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Feeling: barely awake