Sunday, 24 February 2008

Triple mega me-me

Recently three buddies have tagged me for me-mes and I feel extremely guilty about not responding. So, as they're all very similar, I'm doing a quick combination reply here to Lucy, Dakota and Sandie. I won't post the rules, because I won't be tagging anybody, but if you feel the urge to answer these questions on your own blogs, folks, let me know and I'll link to you. :)

Seven assorted and fairly unimportant facts about me!

1. my bedroom is my office as my actual office is so full of junk it's uninhabitable

2. I used to be a Chartered Librarian but now I'm lapsed

3. I became a writer more or less by accident

4. I'm afraid of stairs because I live in a bungalow

5. if reincarnation exists, I'd quite like to come back as a cat [as long as it's in a total pamporium of a household like ours]

6. himself has four motorcycles and I've never ridden pillion on any of them... yet

7. I haven't been in an aircraft for almost three decades but I'm flying over 5,000 miles to San Francisco this year

See, I told you they were unimportant... :)