Tuesday, 27 March 2007

ack, my aching head!

Another migraine has struck, goddamnit! Various stresses, and ongoing viral bugginess really seem to be taking their toll... Fortunately this one wasn't really a nasty one though. It hit last night, just before himself and I were about to set off for a neighbour's anniversary dinner. Decided to still go, and was lucky that it wasn't too bad and didn't spoil a v. jolly evening. But once I got home, it really started to nag... and mix Imigran with my usual night time meds and you get night of the living dead... the next day! Put my head down again this morning, after making himself's sandwiches, and I didn't wake up again until nearly 11am!!!

Am still feeling a bit waffy, so I'm not sure much will get done today. It's heading for teatime now, and I haven't struck a bat, as they say...

But I have been thinking about Smalltown, and batting some ideas off a writing friend. Her insights have really helped me with the past event/angst issue I've been bleeting on about here in the last few days... and I've more or less decided what it was that happened to Sandy in her past, and how it relates to Jay, the hero. There's a element of 'regeneration' and healing in the story, but it's not so much Sandy that needs it, as Jay. There's a damaged hero element in the story that shares some similarities with TechnoGothic, I suppose, but the circumstances and the context are very, very different. I sort of like the idea that a hero can be alpha, but also have very specific vulnerabilities - either physical or psychological - that the heroine can help him overcome.

So, reader and fellow writers, how does the sound of an alpha male with vulnerabilities grab you? Intriguing... or just idiotic?

Telly: UK History
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Mood: under par
Writing: thinking about Smalltown
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RSI/FMS: sore and weary