Thursday, 12 October 2006


Ack, I've done nothing today... well, not exactly totally nothing, but certainly nothing particularly productive and inducive [sp?] to the furthering of my writing career and progress. I've probably done less for the advancement of my career than Kuffer did yesterday on the washing... sigh...

Things I have done today:

  • paid in some cheques
  • posted some books to a buddy in thanks for a kindness
  • posted my Sex... with a Stranger story
  • did a mini bit on some web design... a very mini bit...
  • did some reformatting on a chapter of 'a very old book'

Actually, that looks quite productive, but in reality, it isn't when set aside the time spent lolling on the bed, reading magazines and surfing to purely entertainment web sites... including this one...

Stuff on my Cat

Now, I'm not sure putting stuff on your cat should be applauded... but I've done it. I occasionally drape a garment or two over Kuffer, or place the remote control for the telly on his side when he's stretched out. He doesn't seem to mind...

I've also been feeding a serious addiction of mine. I said when I went up into little town that I would *not* go to the newsagent, thus avoiding entirely buying any magazines. I bought two computer mags in Tesco last night, and so I don't need any new mags today. However, I am weak, I went in to a newsagent, and bought FOUR magazines. Two women's, one erotic, one computer... and the worst of it was, when I got home, I realised that I already had a copy of one of the women's magazines! Looks like my good buddy will be getting an unexpected little extra when we next meet together for lunch... One of my most recent resolutions was to pledge that every time I bought a magazine, I would put one or two of my existing mags out for recycling... but as yet, I haven't been able to part with the six [or a dozen] that I'm supposed to be turfing out today!

As I said,