Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Being realistic...

I've done pretty good these last couple of days, the first two of Sweat70... I've felt motivated and I've achieved good wordcounts. But I'd be a stupid and delusional fool if I blithely claimed it could always be like this! I'm doing good because it's a novelty... and when that novelty wears off, that's when the test comes. If I can continue to keep up the pace... Obviously, it won't be the same pace, because other stuff comes along that must be done... and often not frivolity, and time wasting either. Stuff like commitments I've made in terms of interviews and stuff, and of course my web design work.

So, I won't always be batting along at my current searing pace... but I'm gonna push myself to keep up to my minimum pace, at least, choose whatever other stuff comes my way!

Lets face it, it's no biggie... not really... I have to write this book anyway...

And in terms of where I'm at in Gothic Heat? Currently trying to choreograph a four way argument/slanging match! Which is tough for me, as I'm usually claustrophobia-writer, intensely focused on either my hero/heroine couple, or the internal ruminations of just my main character... Managing four story people who are all shouting at each other at once is quite a reach for me!


Don't forget Portia's Promos - new stuff being added all the time!