Monday, 2 July 2007

Stuff going on!

Lots going on TODAY! Madelynne Ellis and I are holding a Mocha Monday Chat tonight at the Romance Galleria with some fun and frisky chat and spot prizes for participating visitors! The chat starts at 9pm EST, and lasts for a couple of hours, but as the Galleria is actually an exciting 'virtual world' it's a bit different to a normal chatroom. You get to walk and 'talk' in the Galleria, using cute personal avatars... It's fun!!! To take part you'll need to download the Galleria software, and it'll take a little while... but it's a piece of cake to install and is perfectly safe and secure. I'm always cautious about downloading new software, but I've certainly had no problems whatsoever with this! :)

However, the Galleria isn't the only place I'll be chatting today...

Today is also the grand opening day of TOTAL-E-BOUND - the exciting new British epublisher that I'm delighted to say has accepted a couple of titles from me already! TEB has a lot of tempting books in the pipeline [apart from mine... LOL] including two fabulous novellas from my great writing buddy, Saskia Walker...

To celebrate launch day TEB are chatting on tonight too and I hope to be in attendance there too, for part of the time! Here are the details...

at Coffee Time Romance
6 to 11pm EST
Join the fun, read the excerpts, and chat with your favourite authors.