Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Doctor Sleep - my mini review

Doctor SleepDoctor Sleep by Stephen King
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thoroughly enjoyed this!

Danny Torrance is a wonderful character grown up, with many of his father's qualities, both good and bad. But despite his ups and downs, he's a much stronger and more likeable man than Jack. I like the references to The Shining, but Doctor Sleep could standalone, if you hadn't read the first book. I wouldn't say this is the very greatest of King, but it's a good one, fairly high up there. A very satisfying read. The baddies are particularly creepy, and yet in places, you almost feel sympathy for them. Not much, but because Stephen King is so good a writer, it's there.

And there's one master touch, right at the end, that brought a tear to my eye. A character that I thought had almost been forgotten about, but who's used beautifully to show the tremendous growth and evolution of Dan Torrance throughout the story.

Doctor Sleep has put me back on a Stephen King reading binge, the kind I used to go on donkey's years ago. I've just bought three more of his for my Kindle! :)

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