Saturday, 2 August 2014

Another new cover!

Here's the cover for my December Black Lace reprint, SUITE SEVENTEEN. I think this is a very clever cover as it shows a couple who could easily be Valentino and Annie, but also avoids contradicting the fact that Valentino has long black hair. He's clearly wearing it tied back in this shot, which he does do in the book when he's dressed for his job as a hotel manager. :)

But Valentino isn't your average suit and tie guy, and sometimes his wardrobe choices are, shall we say, quite exotic. But you'll have to read the book to discover what they are...

When vibrant, forty-something widow Annie Conroy spies her new neighbours having kinky sex in their back garden, she decides it's time that she too woke up and smelt the erotic roses. And where better to begin her daring adventures than the luxurious Waverley Grange Country Hotel, and its hidden den of iniquity: the chintz-clad but wickedly pervy Suite Seventeen?

Under the stern but playful eye of exotic master Valentino, Annie quickly discovers the shocking hidden depths of her own sensuality, and surrenders herself body and soul to his outrageous games of power. But when the Waverley's entire future hangs in the balance, and Annie has the means to help save it, dare she gamble on going one step further... and giving her heart to the mysterious man who's come to control her?

You can read quite a good sized excerpt of Suite Seventeen here