Friday, 22 June 2007

covers.... some new ones... real ones...

Here's the new 'official' cover for the Lust Bites vampire paranormal erotic romance collection! Not bad, is it? I'm so pleased to see this cover because a previous mockup I'd seen of it was just utterly dreadful... really... it was gruesome, with the most hideous t**t of a constipated looking bloke on it, who appeared to have been drenched in chip oil...

Obviously the cover above isn't as divine as my beautifully mournful 'faux' cover for Buddies Don't Bite... but it'll certainly 'do' in the absence of actually getting the divine Vincenzo to pose for my covers.

The second new cover is a new one for a reprinted novel of mine, Hotbed, which is due out in October, I think...

Again, I'm very pleased with this, both in terms of image and colour combos, and feel it's an improvement over the original cover... although that was rather nice, actually, too...

There's only one slight thing that bothers me a bit about this beautiful new cover. You might not be able to see it, but at the bottom it says 'an erotic romance'... and oh dear, oh dear... this book isn't an erotic romance! It's a work of erotic fiction for women, written several years ago, when romance wasn't really such a strong feature of Black Lace novels... I've mostly written romance toned erotica, and there is a central relationship in Hotbed, and the implication of a rather off beat HEA at the end, but it's not a romance per se.

But, if you like erotic romance... please do give it a try, just for the sex!

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