Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Daily Tweetage

My day in tweets:

08:38 Plenty snow here in Yorkshire. Himself set out bravely for work. Me, I'm glad I work from home! :)

08:38 Have just dug 'Groundhog Day' out from my DVD stack. Just gotta watch it today!

09:26 It's Groundhog Day!!!!: Today, according to my Harlequin Calendar, is GROUNDHOG DAY!Groundhog Day is one of my f.. tinyurl.com/bam5c8

10:43 Have watched the first bit of Groundhog Day. Must ration myself to watching in coffee breaks & at lunchtime. I need to work! It's great 'tho

11:43 Himself sent home from work! Not recession, thankfully, just a snow day. Other folk can't get in, means he can't do *his* job.

12:09 Flakes still lightly fluttering down here in West Yorkshire. Won't be able to get on with work as I'd hoped with himself home... #uksnow

14:26 Finished watching Groundhog Day... I love that movie! Some places even make my sob a bit, amongst the laughs...

15:33 Feb now, so not likely to need reserve Xmas gifts. Means I can eat the chocolate myself! Started with a couple of chocolate coins. Yum yum!

17:01 Just edited story I wrote a few weeks ago. Seemed surprisingly good! :)

18:04 Wahey, Queen Bella Michelle is back on blogger! www.romancebuythebook.com/

20:57 About to watch 'Whitechapel' - modern serial killer copycating Jack the Ripper... could be a good thriller. :)

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