Wednesday, 21 March 2012

I'm guesting at RomCon

Zip on over to the RomCon site to read a spicy excerpt from IN THE FLESH! Leave a comment there [not here... although you can comment at both, if you like!] and you'll go in a draw to win a copy of the book!

Click here!

Looking for my books at Amazon?

It's come to my attention that it's not always possible to find all my books at and and other Amazon sites... even though the books are available to purchase there!

The problem occurs when someone tries to search for my titles via the Home page, using the 'All' tab in the search box. Using that method brings a nice list of Portia titles... but no Spice Briefs!!!! And some of my titles from Black Lace, Total-e-Bound don't show up either. :(

However, if you search for my titles with 'Books' selected in the search box tab, or you search from the Books page, it's a different story, and lo and behold there are my Spice Briefs titles and more of my Black Lace novels  etc too.


A search for Portia Da Costa "Books"

And if it's specifically ebooks that are your choice, try the 'Kindle' tab, or search from the Kindle page, and a full range of my digital titles springs into view.


A search for Portia Da Costa at "Kindle Store"

Happy hunting, guys! And if you ever have problems with availability of my titles, just drop me a line:

portiadacosta [at] gmail [dot]com

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Historical romance novelist? Moi?

Here's my first full length historical romance novel - IN THE FLESH. It's had a weird road to publishing... it was going to be an erotica/erotic romance title, for Harlequin Spice, but when that line was closed, the book was moved over to the HQN line, and now it's listed as historical romance. For anyone that wonders, though, it's still the *same* book and it's just as hot! Luckily, it was always a traditional romantic love story too, with a journey towards a happily ever after ending, so it fit right into it's new home very nicely... despite an inordinate amount of bonking and other sexual shenanigans between it's stunningly beautiful covers. :)

This is what it's all about ie. the blurb:

"Society already believes she's a scarlet woman... why not become one?"

Posing nude to please her now ex-fiancé perhaps wasn't the most prudent idea Beatrice Weatherly has ever had. With the photographs scrutinized up and down society and her brother running them into debt, Beatrice's hopes of ever making a respectable marriage are dashed.

After one glance at Beatrice's infamous racy cabinet cards, wealthy, powerful Edmund Ellsworth Ritchie is soon obsessed with Beatrice's beautiful face and body. His indecent proposal--one month of hedonistic servitude in exchange for enough money to pay her brother's debts--is one she can hardly refuse.

Determined not to let the rogue best her, Beatrice sets out for the infamous House of Madame Chamfleur to learn how to appease Ritchie's well-known sensual appetite. Soon the couple is playing out exquisite fantasies...and feeling emotion that goes deeper than flesh. But Ritchie harbors a shocking secret, and Beatrice must decide if she's prepared to give up everything for a man who can offer her nothing, but who's come to mean the very world to her.

Read an excerpt here

IN THE FLESH is officially available today from, and Barnes and Noble in a mass market paperback edition. It's due out in an ebook form on 1st April [some would say that's very apt when it's something I've written... LOL] in the epub format from venues like eHarlequin, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks and Diesel eBooks.

A Kindle ebook will surely appear before long, but I suspect it won't be before 1st May. If I had my way, all editions would come out simultaneously all over the world on the same day, so everybody who wants a book can buy it in whatever form they like best. But alas, publishing doesn't work like that.

I'll certainly be posting here as soon as a Kindle version pops up, and also tweeting the news too. Or you could join my mailing list for the latest news on IN THE FLESH and other titles. 

Thursday, 15 March 2012

New from Sasha White!

My writing friend Sasha White has a new release out today!

Rock My World is a short story featuring Gina and Caleb from an earlier title of hers, Sexy Devil.

Gina and Caleb love being married, but sometimes the adults need time away to play adult games, and Gina’s debut at a Vancouver art gallery provides just the excuse they need.

In White’s short story ROCK MY WORLD a weekend getaway with amorous intentions, an art show, and a magical entanglement all collide for a fun and sexy romp with a surprising twist.

Story Length: 40 pages

“Gina and Caleb harbor an insane amount of chemistry and it explodes all over these pages. I enjoyed the mystery part of the story as well but this couple was the star. “Rock My World” is wickedly hot!” - Miranda, Joyfully Reviewed

“The characters fit perfectly together and the sex is just the right blend of naughty and sexy. Marriage is an aphrodisiac to Gina and Caleb and I think that’s totally awesome!”-Beth, The Readers Roundtable

You can find more info about Rock My World, including a hot excerpt here:

Friday, 9 March 2012

How about some...


Well, slide on over to PORTIA'S PROSE, for a steamy excerpt of my menage novella, POWER OF THREE.

Dumped almost at the alter, Laurie thinks her Caribbean holiday is going to be lonely... until she meets handsome hunks Denny and Ed, who soothe her sorrows with some hot, tropical lovemaking, offering tenderness along with sizzling threeway sex.

Power of Three excerpt here!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rebecca's Tale

Rebecca's TaleRebecca's Tale by Sally Beauman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

While I don't think that Rebecca's Tale is quite the great classic that its literary source is, I enjoyed it very much on a second reading, possibly more than the first time. It's certainly a page turner in the way Rebecca is, and it's also just as full of unreliable narrators interpreting stories, at second hand, that were unreliable start with!

Having read it I still don't know if Rebecca was a Jezebel or a woman multiply wronged... although it does seem to me that she might have been a combination of both, and more, and had become the former because of the latter. And I certainly come out of this book disliking Maxim de Winter even more than ever, although somehow I feel more pity for the second Mrs de Winter.

Just like the original novel, Rebecca's Tale has that power, for me, of seeming like a *true* story, and that's got to be a measure of its quality.

Rebecca's tale is elusive, frustrating and poignant. Much like the original...

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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Two Naughty Gentlewomen

A GENTLEWOMAN'S DALLIANCE is the latest in my Ladies' Sewing Circle series of Spice Briefs, a quartet of stories about a rather naughty group of Victorian women who gather to gossip about their sex lives, real and imaginary, rather than ever actually wield a needle and thread.

Mrs Mary Brigstock started out by being the most reserved, and sometimes slightly disapproving member of the circle, but under the influence of her more daring friends, she's finally come out of her shell and is now as risque and sexy as the rest of the group. Happily, she loves her dear husband very much, and he's more than pleased to reap the benefits of her new erotic liberation and indulge with her in sensual experimentation. Eager to explore new pleasures, the Brigstocks launch themselves into the world of saucy sexual spanking... with the expert help of Benedict, a young and handsome discipline specialist, who shares his wealth of knowledge with the eager older couple.

Available from eHarlequin, Barnes and Noble Nook Store, Mills and Boon, Amazon Kindle US [April '12] and Amazon Kindle UK [April '12]

A GENTLEWOMAN'S PLEASURE - the third of the Ladies' Sewing Circle stories - is now available for Amazon Kindle as well as at a variety of outlets.

This story is about Lucy Dawson, who up until now has been the shyest and perhaps most inexperienced of the group. Somewhat eccentric, and a bespectacled, bicycle riding spinster, Lucy hasn't had much in the way of hot tales to tell her fellow circle members... that is until she falls off her bike during a country ride, and is rescued by a deliciously handsome and mysterious woodsman called Ethan. She suffers a mild concussion, and Ethan cares for her in his cosy and secluded cottage... and pretty soon one thing leads to another, and she eagerly succumbs to the charms of the husky younger man. Returning to London she has a sizzling story to tell her avid friends in the circle...

Available from Barnes and Noble Nook, eHarlequin, All Romance eBooks, Diesel eBooks, Mills and Boon, and